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Pooch Bottle™
Pooch Bottle™
Pooch Bottle™
Pooch Bottle™

Pooch Bottle™

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I held the bottle and watched that adorable pink tongue lap the water and those beautiful brown eyes look up at me like, "hooman, I love you." #bonded

Floofs, Puppers, and Woofers Are Doin Butt Wiggles For This Perfectly Portable Doggo Water Bottle. It Makes Life On The Go Super Easy!

My Carbon absolutely loves car rides. All I have to do is say "go for a ride?" and he's hopping like a rabbit. He loves to stick his head out the window the whole time (even in 0 degree weather!) But car rides make him so thirsty, so I always fill up his Pooch Bottle™ before we leave. It just sits in the cup holder next to my water cup and when we stop, I give him a much-needed drink.

Give your pawrince or pawrincess their own private, clean water source while at the doggie park, on walkies, car rides, hiking, and camping. I even take Carbon's Pooch Bottle™ to friends houses (who don't have dogs - I know, why am I even friends with them if they don't have dogs;) so I don't have to put a water dish on the floor for him that everyone seems to step in and knock over.

Our Pooch Bottle™ features a push button water dispenser, no-leak functionality, and a generous 350ml or 550ml capacity - perfect for pupperinos and floofers of all sizes. it's the perfect blend of simplicity and function.

The handy carrying strap fits around your wrist or attaches to a bag. As the leading dog water bottle on the market, the Pooch Bottle™ is a must-have when leaving home for a happy, hydrated pooch! 

Check Out Everything You Are Getting In Your Pooch Bottle


  • Protect Your Fur Baby from bacteria infested puddles and communal doggie watering holes.
  • Give Your Doggo clean, safe drinking water when on the go.
  • Made From BPA-Free, Food Grade Plastic - so you know it's safe for your pooch.
  • Generous 350ml Capacity - perfect for doggos of all sizes from floofs to puppers to woofers.
  • Choose From 3 Colors - great colors for all the good girls and boys and their pawrents too!
  • Slide-Lock System - paired with a leak-proof silica gel ring to prevent the bottle from leaking all over your car or your bag.
  • One-Hand Operation - dispense water to your thirsty pooch with the push of a button.
  • No Wasted Water - if your pooch doesn't drink all the water you have dispensed, simply press the button and let it drain back into the bottle
  • A Must-Have when leaving home for a happy, hydrated pooch!

The Doggie Dangers Of Drinking From Puddles And Communal Dog Fountains

Puddles and communal dog fountains may seem like a convenient water source, but they have their dangers! Puddles are a collection of rain runoff. That runoff can bring leptospirosis bacteria and giardia from wild animals. Dogs can contract leptospirosis by drinking from water sources contaminated with urine from infected animals.

Leptospirosis causes kidney failure if left untreated. Giardia are microscopic organisms that live in the intestinal tracts of animals. They are highly contagious and usually cause diarrhea. Your dog should not be drinking from puddles or communal dog fountains.

You Care Deeply About Your Furrykins...

If you've read this far, you're smart enough to see the benefits of having a clean water source available. Can you think of any reason your dog doesn't deserve a Pooch Bottle™?... Of course not, you spoil your furbaby! Head back up top, pick a color and click add to cart!

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